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Our social responsibility

At Alpiq we are committed to fulfilling our social responsibility. Our focus lies on three main areas.

The environment is important to us

Clean energy

Alpiq is committed to affordable, reliable and environmentally friendly energy. We generate electricity using hydropower, nuclear power and new renewable sources. In 2019, we sold our only two coal-fired power plants in Kladno and Zlín and thus reduced the carbon footprint of our power plant portfolio by more than 60 percent.

Environmentally friendly recycling

Alpiq is involved in the Green Company project, which focuses on the collection of used electrical equipment and batteries from companies. In 2019, we thus disposed of more than 400 kilogrammes of electrical waste in an environmentally-friendly manner. Naturally, waste separation and recycling are also a matter of course at the Alpiq offices in Prague.

Reducing plastic waste

Over the past few years we switched from plastic bottles to high-quality filtered water coolers. Employees can thus stay refreshed without creating any plastic waste. We now do not use any single-use plastic bottles neither other plastic dishes at the workplace.

We care for our employees

Work-life balance

Every company relies on its employees. We are committed to ensuring all Alpiq employees receive the best possible care and feel at home with us. Our emphasis is on enabling our employees to achieve a good work-life balance. Satisfied and committed employees are the foundation of our success.

We continually invest in our working environment. Our offices have calm zones, where employees can take a break or work in peace. In our active zone with table tennis, darts, table football, and even work-out possibilities, we are able to play and exercise together. Afterwards, we can relax our tense muscles in a massage chair.

Yoga, physiotherapy and dancing courses at the workplace also contribute towards achieving the optimal body and mind balance and keep us in good spirit. During mindfulness workshops, we also pay attention to our inner peace and learn how to work with our colleagues in the most efficient way.

Flexible working conditions

Even when on maternity leave, we continue to invite our employees to company events, for example on our Children’s Day, so that they can keep in touch with their team. We also support employees during parental leave. It is possible to agree on flexible working hours or the possibility to work from home. We even contribute to our employees’ life milestones, e.g. wedding or birth of child and naturally, we acknowledge long service to the company.

We support charitable causes

At Alpiq, we organise charitable Christmas and Easter fairs, which are very popular with our employees. In addition to offering everyone the opportunity to find excellent gifts for their friends and family, for example from protected workshops, this also supports non-profit organisations. In this field, we have been working together with the Slunce pro Všechny foundation and with Letohrádek Vendula, a non-profit organisation that supports people with physical impairments. In 2019, we launched a partnership with MELA, an organisation that helps people with mental and combined impairments.

Over the past few years, our employees have also contributed to non-profit organisations, such as the Seňorina Endowment Fund and Zvíře v nouzi, by endowing their company Christmas gift to their causes.

Voluntary work for the environment

We care for the environment not only at the office but also by actively working to improve our natural surroundings. Alpiq regularly organises voluntary work at the Šumava National Park, where we help build small dams that maintain the Šumava peat ecosystem.

We also help out in the gardens of the castles in Karlštejn, Hrubý Rohozec, Veltrusy and Žleby, and help an animal rescue station in Hrachov with its repairs.

This year we again supported the Prague Zoo by contributing towards the adoption of a fox. We are already looking forward to visiting it at the zoo later this year.

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