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Ethics & Compliance

Compliance does not only mean to comply with the legal provisions, internal guidelines or the observation of the accepted market standards when conducting business. Also, principles like trust, respect and integrity form the basis for all our decisions and activities. This applies at any time when interacting with our stakeholders, such as employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, government bodies or the general public. Alpiq strongly believes, that these principles shall be a natural behavior for all of us when conducting business in order to foster together a culture of integrity. 

Alpiq is fully convinced that each individual employee determines the success and reputation of Alpiq, with his/her conduct. We therefore encourage all our employees worldwide to include integrity and responsible behavior within their daily business. In this light, the Alpiq Code of Conduct is the basis of Alpiq’s Compliance Program. It describes the basic principles that govern the behaviour of our employees and doing the right thing while acting on behalf of Alpiq.  

In addition, a consistent communication and implementation of Alpiq’s principles within our relationships to our customers, suppliers and shareholders is the key for sustainable and trusting partnerships. 

Alpiq has a vital interest in being informed immediately if compliance with laws and regulations in its environment is not ensured. For this reason, Alpiq operates a Compliance Reporting Office and encourages employees or external persons to report any misconduct they have observed or any suspicion they may have. 

The below button will take you to a web form that allows you to submit reports via a secure channel and, if desired, completely anonymously.

Contact information

Gerfried Krömer
Head Compliance

Alpiq Holding AG
Bahnhofquai 12
CH-4601 Olten

Submit report


Alternatively, you can report via 

  • phone: company access pin 1106

    • CZ: +420 296 240 073

    • CH: +41 43 551 02 35

    • DE: +49 3099 257146

    • ES: +34 91 047 7636

    • FR: +33 1 87 21 22 91

    • HU: +36 1 701 1807

    • IT: +39 028 148 0081

  • e-mail: