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Dynamic energy trading on a volatile electricity market

Trading energy is becoming more challenging as the individual markets are becoming more interconnected. The growing number of decentralised generation units increases the volatility on the energy markets. Our energy traders utilise these dynamics to minimise your risks – around the clock and on all European energy exchanges. Our large product portfolio allows us to tailor energy trading to your needs.

Electricity trading on all European markets

Headquartered in Prague, Alpiq Energy SE handles the Alpiq Group’s activities in Central Eastern and South Eastern Europe (CESEE). We coordinate an expansive network of regional offices, companies and local experts established during more than 25 years of activity throughout the region. Thus, we can offer our partners new products and opportunities – faster and more securely than other energy traders in CESEE.

We combine the advantages of economies of scale and scope, optimising the profits for our portfolio and partners. Our unique approach towards value generation is based on the linking of wholesale trading and local operations; we combine:

Origination of structured products tailored to our regional wholesale portfolio

  • Our cooperation with partners is based on in-depth local knowledge and relationships as well as Alpiq’s excellent brand reputation

  • Customised products open up unique value propositions for our partners

Country-specific niche business models developed to make full use of local opportunities

  • Our regional companies develop sophisticated business models for local trading and portfolio management that are aligned with our strategy for flexibility and RES development and management

  • These solutions create real added value for our partners and the local markets

Centralised portfolio management and optimal access to all regional markets offer

  • A uniquely wide range of solutions for medium and large enterprises to hedge their positions across the temporal and spatial markets, and across different commodities

The Alpiq Group also applies its extensive know-how and many years of experience in CESEE and on the liquid markets of Central Europe to bridge all markets, drive forward the progress of the markets that are less liquid and introduce advanced products.

Trading and procuring electricity and gas securely

We offer a number of solutions that help to manage your market risks in electricity and gas trading and maximise the value of your energy portfolio. Our reliable, long-lasting relationships with our business partners and our activities on all important European exchanges, trading platforms, and wholesale markets allow us to develop almost any energy solution you can think of.

Watch our short video about our electricity and gas trading activities in the CESEE region.