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Alpiq in Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, Alpiq is represented with two companies. Our wholesale energy trading and client delivery company, Alpiq Energy SE, which is active on the electricity and gas markets in CESEE and focuses on offering electricity and gas supply products to Czech end consumers – businesses, industrial clients and public sector, and our service company, Alpiq Services CZ s.r.o., which provides business services to numerous group companies.

The offices of both companies are located in Prague. The premium location of the offices on 15 Jungmannova, right in the city centre, offers convenient access to the public transport system and many other amenities.

Alpiq Energy SE

Electricity and gas trading and services - for the benefit of our partners

We manage an exceptionally large power and gas portfolio in some 20 CESEE countries. By linking liquid and illiquid markets, offering the possibility to trade non-standard and customised products and based on our local expertise, we are a reliable and long-term partner who offers our customers solutions for their energy needs from a single source.

Learn more about our trading and origination activities in CESEE here

Alpiq Energy SE

Energy supplies for companies

Alpiq Energy SE is also an innovative energy and gas supplier for end customers - small and large enterprises and public sector.

We offer our customers not only advantageous prices for electricity and gas but also supplies with an international reach for multinational companies, flexibility in meeting requirements and expertise and advisory services. We successfuly participate in public and international bids and auctions that are operated on PXE, CMKBK and KBP. 

Find more information about us and our electricity and gas solutions on our website

Alpiq Services CZ s.r.o.

In 2018, Alpiq Services CZ s.r.o. was established as a business service centre in Prague to support the Alpiq Group with selected services in key business processes. The company’s purpose is to increase efficiency and utilise economies of scale by centralising expertise and the provision of services.

The team at our business service centre in Prague consists of highly qualified, experienced and certified specialists who work together with young, agile graduates. The work of these young professionals at the Shared Service Centre (SSC) allows them to gain valuable experience with state-of-the-art business processes. The combination of selected specialists, the ideal geographical location and our advanced tools enables us to provide a wide range of services at competitive costs.

We have established a high level of expertise in the core processes of energy trading, such as middle office, scheduling and risk management. We offer a wide spectrum of services ranging from IT and finance to HR and other administrative services to Alpiq Group companies throughout Europe (mainly in CESEE, Switzerland, France, Germany and Italy).

In the field of IT, we are proud to be part of the development of innovative new solutions based on cutting-edge technologies for teams throughout Europe. Our in-depth knowledge of the energy sector and expertise in the field of new technologies make us a key partner for the digitalisation of business processes, supporting new ideas from the pilot phase to the implementation of proven concepts into market-ready products and the modernisation of the IT backbone.

Our SSC team, consisting of more than 125 employees from 22 countries, ensures a consistently high standard of service. Each member contributes best practices to the international team. Our employees can count on Alpiq’s full support in their personal and professional development. A positive working atmosphere and an appreciative, open-minded corporate culture form the foundations for our team’s success.