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11 kilometres of river renaturalised to enhance biodiversity

Eleven kilometres of small and medium-sized rivers have been revitalised in the canton of Solothurn thanks to the support of the Alpiq Eco Fund. Natural and local materials were used to slow down the flow of the rivers and promote the development of aquatic flora and fauna.   

The deceleration of the watercourse creates ideal conditions for the growth of plants, which in turn provide nutrients for a variety of living organisms, including microorganisms, fish, birds and numerous other species. The flow is reduced by adding simple, natural and locally available materials such as tree trunks, tree.

The “Fishermen create a living space” project is a campaign by the Swiss Fishing Association (SFV) and is led by the Fishing Association of the Canton of Solothurn. The project, which was launched in 2019, will be extended until 2027. The total cost of the project is over CHF 800,000, financed by the Alpiq Eco Fund. 

For every kilowatt hour of “naturemade star” certified electricity sold, or for every certificate of origin sold, 0.7 centimes goes into the Alpiq Green Fund at the Ruppoldingen hydropower plant. This money flows back into nature. The fund has already invested CHF 7.7 million in the restoration of natural habitats.  

Further information on the Alpiq Green Fund.