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Publication of provisional interim result of CSA’s public purchase offer for Alpiq free-float shares

Lausanne – Alpiq announces that Schweizer Kraftwerksbeteiligungs-AG, a subsidiary of CSA Energy Infrastructure Switzerland (CSA), has today published the provisional interim result of its public purchase offer for all publicly owned Alpiq shares.

By the end of the offer period, 222 359 Alpiq shares were tendered. Thus, with effect from 9 September, CSA together with the Consortium of Swiss Minority Shareholders and EOS Holding AG own 89.22 percent of the Alpiq shares. The published interim result of the public purchase offer is provisional. The definitive interim result of the offer will be published by the offeror CSA on 13 September 2019. The extension period will run from 16 to 27 September, during which those shareholders who have not yet tendered their shares will have an opportunity to do so. The takeover within the framework of the public purchase offer is expected to be completed on 9 October 2019. For additional information please refer to the media release of the Consortium of Swiss Minority Shareholders, EOS and CSA.

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