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Alpiq launches pilot project for private consumer communities in Switzerland

Lausanne – Alpiq has launched a pilot project for the optimisation of private consumer communities in Switzerland. At the Plessurpark Chur, the leading energy services provider is working with partners to demonstrate the potential of its integrated and digital ZEVplus energy solution, which offers added value for investors, property owners and end consumers.

The Plessurpark in Chur offers a foretaste of the increasingly digital and decentralised energy world and represents a prime example of the opportunities it offers. In the capital of the Swiss canton of Grisons, what is in many places just being discussed or at best is in the planning phase, is already being implemented in reality. Over the past few months, Goldstrøm has pooled more than 100 flats in four apartment buildings owned by Nocasa Baumanagement AG to create a private electricity system and a progressive private consumer community.

Intelligent optimisation of private consumption and peak loads

Starting in the first quarter of 2019, within the framework of this pioneering pilot project, Alpiq’s comprehensive digital energy know-how will enable the residents to optimise their annual electricity consumption of around 270 MWh and thus also their energy costs. They will benefit from meters that are digitally connected and remotely controlled, an intelligent storage solution, services for the optimisation of their own consumption and peak loads, a charging infrastructure for e-mobility and, of course, market access and thus the free choice of energy supplier for any remaining electricity they require.

Digital, integrated energy solution creates added value

All this is made possible by ZEVplus through linking private consumption. Alpiq’s intelligent energy solution connects and optimises private consumption, energy procurement and utilisation, buildings, charging infrastructure for e-mobility and the storage of electricity. By enabling consumers to pool in private consumer communities, ZEVplus enables them to purchase electricity on the electricity market, which is still only partially liberalised, and to make optimal use of the electricity generated within the community. In future, it will also be possible to market any available flexibility, thereby tapping into additional revenues.

Users are given access to new technologies and always have supply security and full transparency regarding their energy consumption and the status of their systems. Costs are invoiced by Goldstrøm using electronic bills on an individual basis, according to consumption and in a completely uncomplicated manner. With all these advantages, ZEVplus offers long-term added value for investors and property owners as well as for tenants, condominium owners and commercial and industrial players.

Contributing towards the sustainability of tomorrow’s energy landscape

For Alpiq, the pilot project represents another milestone towards providing customers with ecosystems based on digital solutions (such as energy management, the application of blockchain technology, peer-to-peer trading, storage solutions, e-mobility, home energy management, etc.) and contributing to the sustainability of tomorrow’s energy landscape.

Additional information:

Guido Lichtensteiger

Media Spokesperson (German/French/English)

Bahnhofquai 12
4601 Olten
T: +41 58 833 83 33

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