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News & stories

Mittal Steel Poland: Power for giants

Business partners value Alpiq Polska for its dependability and flexible employee responses to individual customer needs.

Alpiq engineering for the Lötschberg base tunnel

Alpiq InTec AGatel is partly to thank for the fact that trains will be able to race from the Bernese Oberland to the Valais at speeds of 200 kph by…

Kladno: Top award for healthy practices at work

Energetika Kladno has just walked away with the top award in a competition to find the company with the best healthy practices at work, sponsored for…

Award for Alpiq Polska

The Polish magazine Swiat Energii honoured outstanding performance in the energy sector for the forth time in a row in June 2006. Alpiq Polska was…

Alpiq is a hot electricity partner for our ice creams

A partner for real progress: biomass heating power stations

In 2006 Kraftanlagen München GmbH (KAM) constructed two identical biomass heating power stations for two Austrian power companies. The contract covers…

Ruppoldingen bypass watercourse

The new hydroelectric station in Ruppoldingen is a showcase example of Alpiq's environmental commitment to building and operating a power station in…

Power for the Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones concert on 5 August 2006 was an outstanding gig. Alpiq subsidiary Kummler+Matter was responsible for much of the infrastructure.