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News & stories

“Weather is chaos”

As an energy company with a strong portfolio of hydroelectric power stations, the weather is of central importance to Alpiq. Its forecast is…

Partner power plants

In Switzerland, many large power plants are organised as so-called partner power plants. What exactly is this structure all about? In the following…

“Switzerland is gradually becoming aware of the value of water as a precious resource”

“We want to achieve optimal integration into the sensitive alpine landscape”

Alpiq launched the Gondosolar project in 2021 through its subsidiary Energie Electrique du Simplon SA. Gondosolar has since pioneered various other…

Managing our water resources wisely

Switzerland is the Europe’s water vessel. Major streams and rivers such as the Rhine, the Rhone, the Inn and the Ticino carry great masses of water…

Alpiq joins the 2025 UCI Mountain Bike World Championships in Valais

It is official: Alpiq has become the main partner of Valais 2025 for the UCI MTB World Championships set to be held from 30 August to 14 September…

Hydrogen filling station on a background of trucks

HyMove and INEOS Inovyn join forces with the “ReadHy to Move” project

To accelerate the deployment of zero-emission heavy mobility in Eastern France, HyMove - a company jointly created by Alpiq and IntHy - will market…

With this job a dream has come true

From family to business: the inspiring journey of Karin Manser, currently Strategy Implementation Advisor at Alpiq.

Committed to health and safety

As deputy operations manager at the Plana del Vent gas-fired combined cycle power station, Diana Crespo is responsible for health and safety at Alpiq…

Water & Storage: Alpiq – BlueArk Online Conference

Water management is one of today's most pressing challenges. Water is a vital resource with multiple functions - it must be preserved and valorised.…