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Tormoseröd wind farm takes shape

Alpiq and the Swiss company FuGen are jointly owning the Tormoseröd wind farm, currently under construction and located in south-west Sweden. Construction is well advanced: The towers of the first four turbines are currently being assembled. The wind farm with its eleven wind turbines is scheduled to be commissioned in the third quarter of 2023.

Photo: FairWind

On the west coast of Sweden, the new Tormoseröd wind farm is in a crucial construction phase: after the foundations had been ready for some time, the actual assembly of the total of eleven wind turbines has now begun. The team from turbine manufacturer Siemens Gamesa started the so-called turbine phase in March and has meanwhile assembled the first elements of the tower for four wind turbines. This means that the commercial commissioning of the new wind farm in the third quarter of 2023 is becoming more and more concrete.

The Tormoseröd wind farm, located between Strömstad and Tanum, is a joint project between Alpiq and the Swiss company FuGen (Future Generation Renewable Energy). The expected annual electricity production of the eleven wind turbines with a total capacity of 72.6 megawatts (MW) is around 220 gigawatt hours (GWh).

With regard towards the expansion of its climate-friendly power production, for Alpiq in addition to investments in the expansion of hydropower and solar energy, wind energy is also an important pillar. Alongside the new Tormoseröd wind farm and the pending projects in Switzerland (Bel Coster, EolJorat Nord, Tous-Vents), Alpiq is currently examining repowering its wind farms in Italy and France for the next few years as they reach the end of their technical service life. Alpiq is also actively involved in the development of new wind projects in Spain and is also examining corresponding opportunities in France and the Nordic countries.