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More expertise for growing e-mobility

The European countries’ emissions targets, a growing supply of electric vehicles and an improved charging infrastructure – all signs point to the fact that electro-mobility will prevail. With increased expertise and manpower in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Italy, we are well prepared for this growth and for future projects.

There are currently some 91 million vehicles on the roads in the Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy, of which just 300,000 have an electric drive. In 5 years, we expect this figure to rise to 3.5 million vehicles, but this will still only represent 3.8 percent of all registered vehicles. With the momentum of the automotive industry, government incentives and environmental objectives, there is no doubt that the growth of electric mobility will pick up.

Strengthening e-mobility in Germany, Italy and Austria

In order to respond to the increasing growth and offer the best possible service both today and in the future, we are doubling the size of our e-mobility team. With 7 additional employees in Switzerland (now 23) and 2 in Italy (now 6), we will continue to support our customers with additional drive. We have also opened new offices in Germany. Based in Berlin and soon also in Vienna, new teams will serve the increasing demand for charging stations and complex charging infrastructures in the German and Austrian markets.

“Our expansion to these two countries is a logical step in view of the shared language, the market potential, and the customer expectations,” says John Rydberg, Head of E-Mobility Europe, and adds: “Covering all European markets would be too ambitious. We want to excel at what we do. With local manpower and personal customer support.” Above all, we have strengthened our project and product management skills in order to provide our customers with the best possible support for the challenges they face. To ensure our customers do not have to deal and coordinate with many different service providers, we offer everything from a single source. And in the future, there will be even more individual suppliers on the markets.

Full service from installation to energy management

“Buying an electric car and finding a suitable and technically sophisticated charging system is simple. The actual challenge is energy management. In order to ensure all touchpoints function correctly, suppliers have to offer their customers more than just the installation”, says John Rydberg. Although we, too, started out in the installation business in 2012, we have long since been combining our conventional energy expertise with our know-how in the fields of charging station maintenance and operation. As a full-service provider, our aim is to make it as easy as possible to get started and use e-mobility on all routes and in all fields – be it public or private transport, at home or on the road.

Large customers in particular must be able to depend on partners who can provide them with well-founded advice. Otherwise, individuals and businesses can potentially face expensive or even hazardous results. For example, if employees cannot drive to customers due to an empty battery, or if the power supply of office buildings collapse due to overloads. To guarantee that this does not happen, we already coordinate during the project phase to ensure that the various areas work together smoothly, and with IQ-ube, we have even developed our own process management tool for this purpose. The same applies to the operation of the charging stations, for which we offer our easy4you app. “The only thing we do not take care of for our customers is the purchase of an electric car,” says John Rydberg. We are aware of the fact that new players are constantly appearing in this currently very confusing market and that other providers are also strengthening their position. “This is why we have to constantly prove our worth with our know-how in the various fields of expertise and with our excellent staff,” says John Rydberg, who is looking forward to tackling new challenging projects together with the reinforced e-mobility teams in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Italy.

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