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Alpiq strengthens position in pooling of flexibilities

Hardly any other market is currently as dynamic as the market for decentralised flexibility. The number of battery storage systems in particular has risen sharply in Switzerland in recent months. When it comes to integrating such assets into the ancillary services markets and marketing them successfully, our company has proven to be a reliable partner: Alpiq takes care of the integration into its pooling platform, ensures that the system is approved for the relevant markets, and markets the flexibility with the aim of achieving the optimum - for the customer, and at the same time, for security of supply. Other possible applications, such as peak shaving, ensure an optimum availability. The combination of system services and optimisation in relation to the upstream grid using peak shaving is also no problem for Alpiq's specialists.

From left to right: Reto Walter, CTO 49komma8 AG, Christian Dürr, CEO 49komma8 AG

Alpiq and 49komma8 AG: Working together for a sustainable energy future

Alpiq has successfully pre-qualified two batteries, each with an output of 4.3 MW and a capacity of 4.5 MWh, in October 2023 in close cooperation with 49komma8 AG. As part of the Alpiq pool, the facilities are used, inter alia, to provide system services. 
In many cases, customers who invest in battery storage systems need a partner who acts as an interface between the asset owner and the transmission system operator. This is usually the decisive factor for economically optimised management and marketing. 


"Alpiq can draw on a long-term experience in the flex markets and has proven to be a reliable operator in successful joint projects. Particularly noteworthy is the battery project in Maienfeld, which has been connected to the grid since 2019 and was a journeyman's piece for both Alpiq and us."

Christian Dürr, CEO of 49komma8 AG


Technical data of the batteries:

Performance: 4.3 MW
Capacity: 4.5 MWh
Battery type: Lithium iron phosphate
Utilisation: Marketing in SDL markets

Perspectives and co-operation:

With impressive growth over the past two years and thanks to the continuous development of its pooling services, Alpiq has helped to ensure that other flexible systems, such as combined heat and power plants or heating registers, can be successfully marketed alongside battery storage systems.


"With our pooling platform, we not only maximise the economic efficiency of battery storage systems, but also contribute to grid stability. We are proud of this promising collaboration with 49komma8 AG and look forward to further pioneering projects."

Christian Hüsler, Senior Originator, Switzerland Market