Alpiq in: Czech Republic
Alpiq Group

Valuable energy from fossil fuels and nuclear power

Our thermal power stations convert thermal energy into mechanical or electrical energy. This includes gas-fired, nuclear and coal-fired power stations.

Thanks to their fast start-up capability, thermal power stations are ideal for balancing load fluctuations in the electricity grid. Within only a few minutes of start-up, gas turbine power stations can be generating at full capacity and delivering power to the electricity grid. They therefore play an important role in ensuring the supply of electricity at peak demand times.

Alpiq owns and operates thermal power stations in Switzerland, Italy, Hungary and the Czech Republic. We take great care to produce energy in tune with the environment. This includes sustainable resource management and low-emission production. Environmental protection and clean air are addressed as key factors when constructing our thermal power plants. The facilities feature certified environmental technology and equipment for emissions reduction and monitoring.