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Zlin power plant generates "clean energy"

A new technology for biomass combustion was commissioned by Zlin heat plant. Pollutions of CO2 should be because of this lower by 20.000 tons. All will be ensured by new equipment for biomass feeding which is connected to one of two fluid boilers. This project cost 60 millions Czech crowns and economic return should be four years.

Power plant will take wood chips for combustion from regional suppliers, first of all from Velké Karlovice area and Zlín area. Company will burn waste from sawmills what means wood chips, bark, wood-shavings, waste from timber works and waste from milling cutters. Power plant counts as well with combustion of biofuel from fermenter which is operated on Suchý důl yard by town company Technical services of town Zlin.

System of biomass transport is designed to fulfill output and reliable transport in large spectrum of assumed biomass quality (heat content, water content, etc). Technology of coal and biomass co-burning consists of receiving and stocking part and of transporting part. Receiving and stocking part consist of receiving hopper and system of conveyers which leads biomass into steel silo with 1000m3 capacity. With maximal calculated consumption 5 t/h of biomass it means 72 hours of operation. That means no trucks on weekend. From silo biomass is transported by system of conveyers into burning chamber.

For delivery of complete Work was on the basis of selection procedure chosen Hungarian company Kraftszer Kft. from Budapest. This company has experiences with similar projects in Hungary and the Work does by sub-suppliers. For most of works were chosen regional companies and suppliers.

Till this time power plant produced about 260 thousand tons of carbon dioxide yearly. By filling-in 30 thousand ton of biomass instead of coal this number will be lowered by 20 thousand tons. Heat content of biomass is worse than heat content of coal but there is no waste ash after burning. And there are no pollutions of sulfur too.