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SWEP and CEPI: two indices for Europe

The beginning of March sees the launch of the Central European Power Index (CEPI) in the northern part of Europe. Aare-Tessin Electricity Company Ltd (Atel) is an active supporter of the CEPI.

Launch of second electricity price index

The CEPI was first calculated and published by Dow Jones on 8th March 1999, its launch prompted on the initiative of the German power company PreussenElektra AG (PE) based in Hanover. The index will report pricing levels for short-term electricity trading activities on the borders of the PE regulatory area.

The index comprises four products that are regularly traded in the northern part of Europe. Atel will actively encourage trading in these products and supports the CEPI with daily transaction data. Atel will also use the index to develop new products.

The SWEP and CEPI electricity price indices ensure that the entire European continent is now covered. Whereas the SWEP is a price reference for the market region around the Alps encompassing Switzerland, Southern Germany, France, Austria and Italy, the CEPI covers the northern part of Europe with Northern Germany, Belgium, Holland and Denmark.

Both the SWEP and CEPI are reference figures for valuing contract portfolios and are a suitable basis for new price models, innovative electricity supply contracts, trading in electricity derivatives and risk management. As a Europe-wide electricity trading company, Atel plays an active role in both the SWEP and the CEPI, and uses them both to offer its customers supported, tailor-made power supplies and risk management products.

Aare-Tessin Ltd. for Electricity Corporate Communications