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Kraftanlagen München receives order for new steam turbine power station

Munich – Kraftanlagen München (KAM) has received an order from Attero to construct a new steam turbine power station in Moerdijk in the Netherlands. KAM's contract covers the major part of the total investment of € 100 million.

Alpiq subsidiary demonstrates its competence as general contractor for power stations

At the beginning of February 2015, Attero B.V. has placed an order with Kraftanlagen München GmbH for the construction of a steam turbine power station, which will ensure that the energy from its waste incineration plant is used sustainably. The contract comprises the planning and construction of the power station, including the steam turbine, the generator, electrical and I&C engineering, the piping system and the inlet and outlet structures for the cooling water system. KAM is a subsidiary of the Swiss industrial group Alpiq.

In the new power station, the exhaust heat of the waste-to-energy plant will be used to generate electricity. The steam turbine is able to exploit up to more than 450 tons of steam per hour; the generator has an electrical output of more than 120 MW. KAM will fulfil the contract in the role of general contractor. KAM's contract includes the major part of the total investment of € 100 million at the location in Moerdijk.

In Moerdijk, to the south of Rotterdam, Attero has been operating a waste incineration plant since 1997. The plant has four processing lines and an annual capacity of one million tons of waste. Currently, the generated steam is used by third parties. Attero intends to use the steam from the waste incineration itself, in order to generate electricity with the new steam turbine power station. This will allow Attero to secure continuity of waste incineration while improving the efficiency and profitability of the plant.

The commissioning and the beginning of the test operation of the power station is planned for May 2017. The power station is planned to be handed over to the operator in the third quarter of 2017.

Attero selected Kraftanlagen München following an international tender procedure. Besides the excellent total cost of ownership for Attero of its bid, the competence of the Alpiq subsidiary, its commitment and its many years of experience were the key factors for the decision.

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