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Alpiq and twelve regional energy suppliers extend their partnership

18 municipalities in the Olten, Gäu and Thal region, or some 22,000 residents, will draw energy from Alpiq during the next two years.

Alpiq has supplied eleven of the twelve energy suppliers in the Olten region with electricity for the last three years. And the partnership with the eug Elektra Untergäu, that is also a member of the Thal-Gäu-Untergäu (TGU) purchasing cooperative, has also been in existence for a long time.

Twelve regional distribution grid operators merged to form the TGU purchasing cooperative in December 2009 with the objective of procuring their electrical energy from 2011 on a common basis. In a call for tenders, the TGU has once again allocated its complete energy requirements to Alpiq. Both parties are delighted about the new supply contract and the continuation of the cooperation started in 2008. The involved distribution grid operators and Alpiq will check to see if there are any areas where the partnership could be expanded.

Hence Alpiq supplies a total of 37 municipalities with around 80 000 inhabitants in the Olten region with electrical energy and guarantees the electricity supply in the area.

Alpiq will provide the following energy suppliers with electrical energy at least until 31 December 2012: eug Elektra Untergäu (Hägendorf, Kappel, Gunzgen, Boningen), Kestenholz, Fulenbach, Wolfwil, Egerkingen, Härkingen, Niederbuchsiten, Oberbuchsiten, Neuendorf, Thal (Laupersdorf, Matzendorf, Aedermannsdorf, Herbetswil), Holderbank and Mümliswil-Ramiswil.