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AEK, AVAG and sbo plan to step up cooperation

The three energy providers AEK Energie AG, Atel Versorgungs AG and Städtische Betriebe Olten intend to work closer together to supply their customers jointly with premium energy services as a single provider.

Prompted by the liberalisation of the electricity market, the three energy providers AEK Energie AG, Solothurn, Atel Versorgungs AG (AVAG), Olten and Städtische Betriebe Olten (sbo) plan to run their customer business as well as their electricity, gas and water supplies as a joint operation. This increased level of cooperation should create a strong energy supply operation at the southern end of the Jura mountains, with a single provider supplying customers with their utilities. This move also maximises the three partners' competencies. The partners hope to decide on the joint operation's legal and ownership structure by the end of the year, and are leaving open the option of working with other energy providers. AEK Energie AG AVAG, Atel Versorgungs AG sbo, Städtische Betriebe Olten