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Reactive current compensation for Ateliers Busch SA

The production site in Chevenez has the most modern machinery and installations at its disposal. All of these machines consume a lot of energy. Without reactive current compensation, the installations would overload the local power grid and incur substantial costs.

To avoid such a situation, we relieve power lines of reactive current and thus help to secure local supply. Ateliers Busch SA in Chevenez is now relying on this solution as well.

Busch offers the largest selection of industrial vacuum pumps available in the world today. With more than 50 years of experience and expertise in manufacturing vacuum systems, Busch is able to offer customised solutions for any type of application.

The key sectors in which the company operates are packaging technology, degassing, pneumatic conveying, distillation, aeration, and many other applications.

Customised compensation concept

After carrying out maintenance at the production site in Chevenez, we noticed that the reactive current compensation facilities were no longer meeting today’s requirements. We therefore assessed the needs and replaced the existing equipment. In 2019, we designed, delivered and commissioned two installations with compensation power of 300 kvar resp. 200 kvar and two of 150 kvar. We integrated these facilities into the site›s infrastructure without halting production. By offering fully automated control, they have been able to significantly reduce grid usage costs. We will be analysing consumption peaks in order to identify other possible savings.

Sustainable compensation facilities

Our turnkey facilities are always designed and manufactured according to the place in which they are to be used. In addition to grid frequency and inductance, our analysis and engineering work focuses, above all, on quality of service, the possibilities of mounting on existing switch cabinets or the use of solid-state controllers for rapidly changing loads, in order to ensure the longevity and faultless operation of the facilities. Short delivery times, countryspecific technical documentation and guaranteed availability of spare parts are further reasons why Ateliers Busch SA has chosen to rely on the services of Alpiq.

Patrice Barth

Key Account Manager DACH

Bahnhofquai 12
4600 Olten
T: +41 62 286 7809
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