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New steam turbine for Novel

A steam turbine is currently being replaced at the Novel gas-fired combined cycle power plant. With increased efficiency, the power plant will ensure a secure and efficient supply. The work will last until December 2021.

The Novel gas-fired combined cycle power plant, in which Alpiq holds a stake of 51 percent, is receiving a new steam turbine and a new generator. This will increase the efficiency of the combined heat and power plant and its operational reliability. The previous steam turbine had already been in operation for more than 150,000 hours and provided process steam for the nearby chemical plant of the Radici Chimica. For Radici, it is the most important factory for semi-finished products and polyamide 6.6, so the partnership with Alpiq is crucial for Radici to ensure a long-term and reliable energy supply for the site.

The replacement of the steam turbine is also being used to modernise the plant. In future, it will be able to provide further services such as district heating. In order to keep the downtime of the power plant as low as possible, Alpiq is carrying out the inspection of the gas turbine, which is due in any case, at the same time. "In this way, all activities can take place together and will be completed in December 2021," says Francesco Marinozzi, Head of Operation and Maintenance Thermal, adding happily, "A very emotional moment for us was when the new steam turbine reached its final destination at the plant and we were able to install it. Now, the test runs are running.”

A sustainable investment 

The Novel gas-fired combined cycle power plant has been in operation since October 2004 and supplies 100 MWel and 46 MWth. The modernisation is based on the agreement of the two shareholders, Alpiq (51 %) and Radici Group (49 %), to ensure even more reliable operation, to increase output, flexibility and to reduce environmental impact. Alpiq ensures a competitive and sustainable energy supply for Radici.

Further information

The Novel S.p.A plant is the result of a collaboration between the Radici Group (49 % stake) and Alpiq (51 % stake). You can find the facts and figures here.