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Martigny-Bourg hydroelectric power station: Water below, sun above

Since 2009 the energy service experts at Alpiq InTec Romandie have also been planning photovoltaic plants. Thanks to their efforts, Martigny-Bourg hydroelectric power station now generates electricity not just from water, but also from solar power.

Alpiq InTec Romandie plans and installs new photovoltaic plant

Martigny-Bourg hydroelectric power station, which is more than 100 years old, has a new feature on its roof: a new photovoltaic power plant, with 320 solar modules, capable of generating 80,000 Kilowatt hours of electricity a year – enough to meet the annual needs of 20 households.

The operator, Force Motrices de Martigny-Bourg (FMMB), decided in 2012 to use the 520-square meter roof of the power plant to generate CO2-free solar power. Since Alpiq InTec also specialises in the planning and installation of photovoltaic plants, it won the contract from FMMB following an invitation to tender.

The plant has been generating electricity since September 2012. The team of energy service experts led by project manager Daniel Müller needed only around one month for the work. To ensure the plant’s seamless operation, Alpiq InTec is responsible for maintenance as well as remote monitoring.