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Imbach’s forging factory reduces electricity costs thanks to Xamax system

Imbach & Cie AG in Nebikon is one of Switzerland’s largest providers of forging services. They export high-quality metal parts worldwide. Manufacturing these products requires a great deal of electrical energy. Hence Imbach AG relies on Xamax energy optimisation and reactive power compensation systems.

Xamax equipped the factory with a fully-automatic load management system in February 2017. The Xamax system controls five tempering furnaces with an output of between 50 and 350 kilowatts, which are integrated using an existing Dupline bus system. The load management system enables the original peak load of 1.5 megawatts to be reduced by approximately 200 kilowatts. Moreover, Imbach was able to cancel its meter data subscription with the local distribution grid operator, because the Xamax system visualizes the output data and offers a range of additional advantages. Thanks to this data transparency, Imbach can achieve further cost savings, combined with a lower power consumption.

Three new reactive power compensation systems from Xamax prevent the excessive use of cost-incurring reactive power. The optimisation system monitors the proportion of reactive power and rapidly issues an alert if the defined proportion is exceeded due to a malfunction. The annual cost reduction achieved thanks to the load management and reactive power compensation amounts to approximately 17,000 Swiss francs. “The professional implementation and the technological solutions were what convinced me,” says Stefan Imbach, Head of Engineering at Imbach & Cie AG.


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