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HyMove and INEOS Inovyn join forces with the “ReadHy to Move” project

To accelerate the deployment of zero-emission heavy mobility in Eastern France, HyMove - a company jointly created by Alpiq and IntHy - will market part of the low-carbon hydrogen produced by INEOS Inovyn in Tavaux (Département Jura). HyMove will distribute the hydrogen to heavy transport operators (private and local authorities) at dedicated stations in the Bourgogne Franche-Comté region and neighbouring areas. The project is scheduled to be operational in 2026.

INEOS Inovyn is the largest operator of electrolysis technology in Europe. Its site in Tavaux supplies its customers with more than one million tonnes of speciality polymer products, including 260,000 tonnes of PVC. Its manufacturing processes enable it to produce more than 10,000 tonnes of low-carbon hydrogen each year, the equivalent of 50 million litres of diesel per year.

Hydrogen logistics solution developed by HyMove

INEOS Inovyn will invest on its Tavaux site to build new purification and compression systems to process low-carbon hydrogen. Some of this low-carbon hydrogen will then be transported to distribution stations, dedicated to private goods transport and public passenger transport, thanks to the hydrogen logistics solution developed by the company HyMove.

This commercial low-carbon hydrogen offer is fully in line with European and national decarbonisation objectives and will place the Bourgogne Franche-Comté region at the forefront of hydrogen development in France, while reinforcing its availability on one of the busiest European transport corridors. Finally, the project will contribute to the deployment of the hydrogen industry and the associated skills and jobs in the region.

Accelerating the decarbonisation of the region

Dominique Darne and Nicolas Bach, founders of IntHy: “With ReadHy to Move, we are resolutely committed to the Bourgogne Franche-Comté region, where we are also conducting other projects, such as for the Dijon agglomeration with Dijon Métropole Smart Energy. The hydrogen produced in Tavaux should make it possible to accompany the development of the use of the molecule by providing a solution with great flexibility of use (transport of goods, public transport, collection of household waste) and the assurance of an essential continuity of service. The project will undoubtedly contribute to accelerating the decarbonisation of the region.”

Ralph Dassonville, Head of Hydrogen, Alpiq Group and Damien Sage, Business Developer Hydrogen France, Alpiq: “ReadHy to move is a large-scale project with a shared desire by the partners to be pioneers in the decarbonisation of heavy mobility in France. This project is fully in line with the Alpiq Group's strategy to develop the production and marketing of hydrogen to decarbonise heavy mobility and industry in Europe.”



About HyMove
HyMove is a company created jointly by Alpiq and IntHy that offers its customers and partners a logistical solution for transporting low-carbon hydrogen from production sites to consumption sites.

The Alpiq Group, one of the leading Swiss energy companies with a European presence, is active in renewable energies and electricity and gas supply. Alpiq is also one of the leading suppliers of electricity to industry in France. Among other things, the Alpiq Group is involved in the Swiss Hydrospider ecosystem, which provides a low-carbon transport service by producing hydrogen and delivering it to distribution stations. The ecosystem consists of 50 hydrogen-powered trucks, which have already covered 5 million kilometres, and 13 hydrogen filling stations.

IntHy develops and operates hydrogen production and distribution infrastructure projects, coupled with renewable energy production, to provide zero emission mobility solutions. Drawing on its recognised business expertise, the group develops territorial energy ecosystems with high environmental performance. IntHy offers its clients and partners an integrated approach to the entire life cycle of an infrastructure project, from its development to its operation, supported by a long-term investment strategy. In 2021, IntHy absorbed the Rougeot Energie group, active in Burgundy Franche-Comté.

About INEOS Inovyn
INEOS Inovyn is Europe's leading vinyl producer and one of the top three in the world. With an annual turnover of €4.5 billion, INEOS Inovyn has approximately 4,200 employees and manufacturing, sales and marketing operations in 8 countries across Europe. INEOS Inovyn's portfolio consists of a wide range of leading-edge products across general purpose vinyls; specialty vinyls; organic chlorine derivatives; Chlor-Alkali; hydrogen technologies and vinyls. INEOS Inovyn's annual commercial production volume is approximately 10 million tonnes. and