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Clean-room technology from Alpiq InTec: popular and in demand – even overseas

It is a well-known fact that the clean-room professionals at Alpiq InTec are masters of their trade who design and install first-class clean rooms. This offering has now become an “export hit”, as three examples in South Africa, India and Chile demonstrate.

Alpiq InTec specialises in the installation of clean rooms for the pharmaceutical, electronics and food industries, hospitals, plastic manufacturers and research laboratories. Three special projects recently took the Swiss specialists right around the world.


Project in South Africa: materials export and online support

For the customer Aspen Pharmacare, the clean-room professionals from Alpiq InTec Ost AG have delivered to Johannesburg two laminar flow units for the production of sterile air. The system is used for the sterile filling of medical products for the African market. All the materials were produced in Switzerland, with construction on site carried out by a partner. It was therefore necessary to document all the steps in the assembly process in a comprehensive manual and to pack the materials accordingly. The commissioning and validation were mastered by the local personnel, with online support from Switzerland.


Project in Chile: clean room for the Southern Observatory

The telescopes of the European Southern Observatory stand in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile – 2635 metres above sea level. Alpiq InTec Romandie SA was commissioned by the operator, the European Organisation for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere, to construct and install a clean room to protect an instrument dependent on a constant ambient temperature of 21°C. The project encompasses the clean room itself, a housing within the room and an earthquake-proof, Swiss-manufactured metal frame that surrounds the 102 m3 room. The 37 m3 housing was constructed by Alpiq and installed in spring 2015. It is scheduled to be put into operation in autumn.


Project in India: meeting the standards of three countries

Ahmedabad, India’s fifth largest city, now hosts a clean-room coating system from Alpiq InTec Ost AG. It is used by the customer Zydus for the production of plasters with implanted healing agents. A special feature of the project was that construction and commissioning took place entirely in Switzerland – after successful test runs and approval by the client, the system was dismantled and delivered to northern India. The reconstruction was carried out on site by Indian assembly personnel under the expert eye of an Alpiq InTec supervisor. As the plasters are exported to North America, not only did the environmental and health standards of Switzerland and India have to be met, but also those of the USA.