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Building technology clients that operate across Switzerland rely on Alpiq InTec

For clients that operate on a national level, Alpiq InTec offers comprehensive building technology service throughout Switzerland. Without language barriers, quickly at the ready and with a centralised point of contact. The service package has been a success: Alpiq InTec is involved in over 60 projects on a national level, and some have been going on for over a decade.

Most of the owners and operators of larger building portfolios are faced with a challenge when looking for a partner to manage their building technology. Why? Because many service providers only operate on a local or regional basis. But not Alpiq InTec. With around 80 branches across the whole of Switzerland, the Swiss market leader is ideally positioned to manage building technology projects in multiple regions or even throughout the country.

Centralised coordination for every client – Multitec is an additional plus

Alpiq InTec’s national coverage means that there are practically no language barriers to overcome: fitters and project managers work on projects from their own regions, which means they already speak the language. Distances to the work site and reaction times are greatly reduced, which is another advantage for the client. A dedicated single point of contact (SPoC) is established for centralised coordination of each project.

Furthermore, the wide range of projects that Alpiq InTec is involved with speaks to our success: thanks to our Multitec expertise, we can offer solutions for every building technology sector from a single source. A national project can cover a single sector (for example: ventilation), but if other sectors (for example: electricity, heating, refrigeration, sanitation, etc.) are added to the project, the coordination work required for the client is greatly reduced.

Renowned clients with a network of locations that spans across Switzerland

These projects have been managed at Alpiq InTec using the internal “national project” organisational structure for three years. This service is clearly the answer to a major need: today, Alpiq InTec has already been able to acquire over 60 projects. The reference list includes clients such as Charles Vögele, Coop, Dosenbach, Mango, Socar, Valora and many more.