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Atel EcoPower Ltd.: Gerhard Danioth is new CEO

Gerhard Danioth has been appointed CEO of Atel EcoPower Ltd. He has been at the helm of the company, founded in 2006, since March 2008. Atel EcoPower is responsible for all the Atel Group's activities related to its drive to expand small hydroelectric power stations in Switzerland.

The Atel subsidiary for the promotion of small hydroelectric power stations is currently responsible for around 100 small hydropower projects around Switzerland. In Gerhard Danioth, Atel has engaged a proven expert in hydroelectricity to head up Atel EcoPower Ltd. Prior to his appointment he was Head of the Canton of Uri Office for Energy, where he was directly responsible for hydroelectricity. A graduate in mechanical engineering from the Federal Institute of Technology, he chaired the Conference of Cantonal Energy Departments. He also represented the interests of the canton of Uri, Central Switzerland and the Conference of Cantonal Energy Departments on other committees such as the Energy Switzerland Programme, the Swiss Energy Forum as well as various work groups and advisory groups to the Swiss government, the cantons and the Conference of Alpine Cantons.

Since its foundation Atel EcoPower Ltd. has acquired interests in 14 existing hydroelectric power stations. In addition the company is planning and building its own small hydroelectric power stations and is involved in other related projects. Over the next few years Atel EcoPower aims to spend a nine-digit sum in developing, constructing and operating small hydroelectric power stations.

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