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Alpiq optimises energy costs at Cazis Tignez prison in Cazis, Graubünden

The new Cazis Tignez prison uses energy optimisation and commissioned Alpiq to install a comprehensive energy management system. With the integrated Xamax peak load optimisation system, the accrued grid costs can be reduced by up to 30%.

Following a three-year construction period, the new prison in Cazis, Graubünden, was officially inaugurated in October 2019 and began operating in mid-February 2020. This new building has created around 150 modern prison spaces. It has also created around 120 jobs for the local economy. The prison has three main buildings, all of which are certified by Minergie and are compliant with modern sustainability requirements. As energy consumption needed to be optimised for environmental and cost reasons, Alpiq was contacted.

Before the construction phase began, Alpiq conducted an analysis of the expected energy consumption level, laying the foundations for an efficient load peak management. Alpiq also provided support for the electrical planning team during the implementation of the energy data acquisition system. The laundry and the prison kitchen were integrated into the energy management system. It regulates an electrical power of approximately 280 kW and controls the energy flows on the basis of the specified parameters and the power currently being drawn at the grid usage point. The analysis of the energy data and the comprehensive consultation by the experts at Alpiq allow the prison’s technical manager to identify the bigger energy consumers and monitor, control and evaluate energy flows throughout the buildings.

“With the Xamax energy optimisation system, we consume less energy so that we make savings in our total operating costs. Efficient energy management was the key to ensuring a reliable power supply, reducing grid costs and minimising our environmental impact”, says Urs Brunold, Head of Systems and Technical Services at the Office for the Execution of Penal Sentences and Justice Graubünden.