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Atel acquires additional ownership in Czech power project

Swiss energy company Aare-Tessin Ltd. for Electricity (Atel) has closed on the acquisition of an additional 44.5 % interest in the ECK Generating Project and affiliated businesses. Atel has purchased the ownership positions of El Paso Energy International Company, TECO Power Services Corporation and Mosbacher Power Partners LP. Added to the recent acquisition of NRG Energy's stake in the project, Atel is now an 89 % owner of the facility.

The project, located 25 km northwest of Prague, is a 343 MWe power generating station. The plant is modern and is capable of providing approximately 3 % of the Czech Republic's total electricity demand. The facility consists of 2 new circulating fluidized bed combustors that burn both bituminous black coal and lignite based brown coal from the Czech Republic. Additionally there is a 67 MWe natural gas fired combined cycle gas turbine and an upgraded 28 MWe heating plant. The electrical energy is predominantly sold to STE, the Central Bohemian distribution company, who is also an 11 % partner in the project. The heat supplies from the project are provided to the city of Kladno.

TECO Power Services International is an affiliate of TECO Energy of Tampa, Florida USA. El Paso Energy International, a subsidiary of El Paso Energy, and Mosbacher Power Partners are both headquartered in Houston, Texas USA.

Aare-Tessin Ltd. for Electricity Corporate Communications