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Alpiq E-Mobility AG and Toyota cooperate

Toyota is a pioneer in full hybrid technology. The company has now signed a cooperation agreement with Alpiq E-Mobility AG in order to consolidate its leadership in the field of plug-in hybrid technology. Appropriate, reliable charging is a key criterion for the efficiency, comfort and reliable operation of electric vehicles. With this in mind, Toyota is fitting its 250 or so dealers in Switzerland with a charging infrastructure from Alpiq E-Mobility and also delivering a charging station (HCD) with each Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid so as to offer its customers a comprehensive, professional solution from a single source and bring its high quality standards to the charging infrastructure level.

The Alpiq E-Mobility AG slogan, "In Charge of E-Mobility", conveys the Alpiq subsidiary's commitment to responsible energy management. Just as Toyota leads the field in electric vehicles, Alpiq E-Mobility is a market leader in the planning and installation of charging infrastructures.

The charging station (HCD) manufactured in conjunction with Swiss company Protoscar connects the car to a source of electricity and, unlike drawing electricity from a normal power socket in the garage, helps to ensure a reliable charging procedure. Alpiq E-Mobility tailors its HCDs to the needs of Toyota electric vehicles. This way, customers can rest assured that their vehicle is charged up and ready for the road at all times.

"Quality and customer satisfaction are our top priority. This is why we chose a professional partner who is on a par with our leadership role in the construction of full hybrid vehicles," comments Philipp Rhomberg, General Director of Toyota Schweiz AG, on this collaboration. Thanks to an installation that covers all of Switzerland, Alpiq E-Mobility can also provide fast service and callouts. "That's an important driver of customer satisfaction," says Rhomberg.

Alpiq E-Mobility AG has comprehensive know-how and a wealth of experience in charging infrastructures, from consulting and planning through to installation. "For Alpiq, as a leading energy company, a sustainable approach to managing natural renewable energies is extremely important," explains Peter Arnet, Managing Director of Alpiq E-Mobility AG. The company, he says, is aiming to cooperate closely with automotive manufacturers both nationally and internationally, to develop perfectly compatible solutions. "Our collaboration with Toyota therefore represents an important step towards establishing e-mobility in our country" adds Arnet.