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Alpiq InTec takes charge of climate control at the WMO headquarters in Geneva

Come rain or shine, Alpiq InTec is now responsible for technical facility management at the World Meteorological Organization’s headquarters in Geneva. This includes overseeing the heating and cooling system – and ensuring that everything is as energy efficient as possible.

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO), based in Geneva’s international quarter, commissioned Alpiq InTec Romandie SA in April 2015 to provide optimised support in the area of service and technical facility management (TFM) over the coming years. Three Alpiq InTec employees will be responsible for energy monitoring and the administrative and technical management of the 280,000 m3 WMO headquarters over the next three years.

The sheer size of the building clearly illustrates the extent of this project and the challenges inherent to it. The core element of the building technology is a highly complex automated system for heating and cooling. The energy concept is based on a range of technologies, including a cogeneration system, an absorption system and a ground-coupled heat exchanger. The WMO headquarters building also makes use of a state-of-the-art building control system to optimise energy consumption. This system, coupled with Alpiq InTec’s expertise in the area of energy efficiency, ensures that the best possible conditions are in place to meet the WMO’s environmental requirements.

Alpiq InTec was selected not only for its long-standing experience – flexibility was also a factor in the decision. The provision of services was originally estimated to take 60 days, but Alpiq InTec Romandie SA was able to complete them within just two weeks.