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Alpiq acquires 30 MW battery project in Finland and strengthens its position as a flexibility supplier

Lausanne – Alpiq expands its flexibility portfolio and acquires one of the largest battery energy storage systems (BESS) in Finland. The 30 MW large-scale battery from Merus Power, a leading Finnish technology company, will have one of the highest capacities in Finland and will become operational in Valkeakoski in mid-2025. The battery energy storage system is primarily used to stabilise the grid. It therefore contributes directly to security of supply and it enables additional renewable energy projects. This strategic investment strengthens Alpiq’s commitment to paving the path of the energy transition.

Alpiq’s highly flexible power plant portfolio in Switzerland, Spain, Italy and Hungary means it is already a significant player in terms of security of supply in many countries. This is because it focuses on integrating the intermittent production of renewable energies into its energy supply. Now there is another element as Alpiq is investing directly in battery technology. Alpiq has acquired a modern battery energy storage system (BESS) from Merus Power. Merus Power is a leading, listed technology company in Finland that specialises in innovative solutions to promote the energy transition. In terms of power (30 MW) and capacity (36 MWh), the large-scale battery in Valkeakoski will be one of the largest in Finland. 

“This investment in a battery energy storage system (BESS) is a valuable contribution to strengthening security of supply in our European core markets and is in line with our corporate purpose,” says Lukas Gresnigt, Head of International and member of the Alpiq Executive Board. “The energy transition requires more and more intermittent wind and solar energy capacities to be integrated. Alpiq can support this integration by combining our existing expertise in flexible generation with BESS investments.” 

Flexibility encourages the energy transition

Finland has set itself clear goals in its efforts to improve the climate: the Scandinavian country wants to be net zero by 2035. A key driver of this is the expansion of wind power. By 2035, wind power in Finland is expected to produce 119 terawatt hours (TWh) of renewable power per year. In comparison, this value was 12.5 TWh in 2022. Large-scale batteries are also a key element of the energy transition in Finland. This is because the expansion of wind power means that short-term offsetting of power generation and consumption to stabilise the electricity grid and grid frequency is becoming increasingly important. Alpiq’s new battery energy storage system can play a key role in this.  

Merus Power will deliver the turnkey battery system, put it into operation and connect it to the Finnish grid by July 2025. All the necessary authorisations have been obtained. The company will also ensure operation and maintenance. The high-quality high-tech package includes batteries, power electronics and smart software, and it can offset frequency fluctuations in the Finnish electricity grid within milliseconds. As such, the battery energy storage system in Valkeakoski is ideally suited to offsetting unforeseen grid frequency voltages and the battery is marketed in the short-term and intraday flexibility market. 

Alpiq strengthens its position and offering in the Nordic countries

Alpiq’s large and highly flexible hydropower plant portfolio and efficient and flexible gas power plants in Italy, Spain and Hungary make it a leading provider of flexibility solutions in the European market. In recent years, Alpiq has been able to expand this foundation in order to strengthen its position with a broader range of new system and commercial solutions for systems and customers. Investments in storage systems mean more green energy can be fed into the system. Alpiq’s investment in the battery energy storage system in Valkeakoski underlines its long-term commitment in the Nordic countries. It will become a leading player in the Finnish growth market of battery-based system services and will extend its services along the entire value chain. Alpiq has been present with its own team in Nordic countries, especially Finland, for several years. Alpiq has also recently concluded several power purchase agreements (PPA) with large companies in the region and acquired a majority stake in the Finnish hydrogen pioneer P2X Solutions at the start of April 2024.

About Alpiq

Alpiq is a leading Swiss energy services provider and electricity producer that operates throughout Europe. It offers its customers comprehensive and efficient services in the fields of energy generation and marketing as well as energy optimisation. Alpiq has been generating climate-friendly and sustainable electricity from carbon-free Swiss hydropower for more than 100 years. The power plant portfolio also comprises shares in two Swiss nuclear power plants as well as flexible thermal power plants, wind farms and photovoltaic facilities in Europe. The Alpiq Group has around 1,200 employees and is headquartered in Lausanne. Alpiq Holding Ltd. is a private stock corporation in majority private ownership. It is fully controlled by the three shareholder groups of Schweizer Kraftwerksbeteiligungs-AG (SKBAG), the Consortium of Swiss Minority Shareholders (KSM) and EOS Holding SA (EOS). 

You can find more information on Alpiq at  

About Merus Power

Merus Power is a technology company that enables a sustainable and energy-efficient future. We design and manufacture innovative electrical engineering solutions, such as energy storages, power quality solutions and services for renewable energy and industrial needs. With our scalable technology, we enable the growth of renewable energy in electric grids and improve the energy efficiency of society. We are a Finnish, innovative electrical engineering specialist and operate in global and fast-growing markets. Our personnel represent internationally respected engineering expertise. Our turnover in 2023 was EUR 29.0 million and our stock trading symbol on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland is MERUS.  

You can find more information on Merus Power at