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New Veytaux power station (FMHL+)

Veytaux power station 

Existing power station Veytaux

Situation plan of the new Veytaux power station 

Situation plan of the new Veytaux power station

FMHL+ Project
With the FMHL+ project the capacity of the Veytaux pumped storage power station will be increased from 240 MW to 480 MW, 60 MW act as a reserve. To achieve this, two machine groups with 120 MW capacity each will be installed in a new cavern that is currently being excavated. The construction work has been in progress since 7 April 2011. After its commissioning, which is scheduled for the autumn of 2016, the pumped storage power station with one billion kWh of peak energy per year will generate virtually twice as much electricity as at present (520 million kWh). In order to achieve this, Forces Motrices Hongrin-Léman SA (FMHL), in which Alpiq holds a share of almost 40 percent, is investing 331 million Swiss francs.

Significance of pumped storage and of FMHL for the security of supply
The pumped storage power station Veytaux will play a crucial role in supplying electricity to the French-speaking part of Switzerland. The project is the response to the increasing demand for balancing energy, which has been triggered by the rapid development of the new renewable energies that generate energy in an intermittent and fluctuating manner. Thanks to its high degree of flexibility, the Veytaux power station is able to quickly balance out such fluctuations. At peak times, the water from the Hongrin reservoir is channelled through the turbines of the Veytaux power station located 800 metres lower down, while during off-peak times, the excess energy is used to pump water from Lake Geneva up to the Hongrin reservoir.

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Veytaux, VD

2 x 4 Pelton turbines

240 MW, after enlargement 420 MW

Alpiq: 39.3 %

1971 / 2016

520 GWh / after enlargement around 1,000 GWh


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