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Kladno coal-fired thermal power station - Kladno I

ECK Generating, s.r.o.

The power station complex of Alpiq Generation (CZ) s.r.o. near Prague supports Alpiq's trading and sales activities in the Czech Republic. Alpiq acquired the complex, which consists of five power station blocks, in 2002. Since 2006, in addition to brown coal as its primary source of energy, the power station is also fuelled with up to 10 percent biomass. State-of-the-art technology transforms the fuel into electricity and steam. Efficient emission control systems reduce the pollution. In addition to generating electricity, all of the three blocks are also designed to allow steam extraction. Approximately 40,000 inhabitants of Kladno, numerous public buildings (hospitals, schools), shopping centres and several industrial companies use district heating and heat their buildings with warm water from the Alpiq power station. In 2014 the new block K7 replaced the old K3.

Coal-fired Power Plants

Czech Republic


3 steam turbines

404 MWe, 905 MWth

Alpiq: 100%


1,669 GWhe, 996 TJ


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