Alpiq in: Czech Republic
Alpiq Group

We are committed to eco-friendly hydropower

Switzerland is Europe's largest reservoir of water. For more than 100 years Alpiq has been generating hydroelectricity from its run-of-river and storage power stations.

The water stored in our reservoirs allows peak load energy to be produced rapidly at times of high demand. We also operate a number of small hydroelectric power stations in Switzerland, Italy and Scandinavia.

Our plants are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and continually optimised to ensure the efficient production of electricity. At the same time we are systematically investing several hundred million francs in further construction and operating projects of this type.

Water is a unique and valuable resource. The hydraulic energy generated from water offers unique advantages: It is environmentally friendly, carbon-neutral and natural. Hydropower allows us to manage resources sustainably and enables low-emission production. What's more, the technology is simple, controllable and has an excellent track record.