Alpiq in: Czech Republic
Alpiq Group

Total energy management

Energy and know-how tailored to your business ideas

Alpiq helps customers to simplify energy management and optimise the entire process, to make a positive difference to their business results.

To this end Alpiq owns and operates its own power stations, which provide the basis for energy trading and sales. These production facilities ensure reliable round-the-clock supplies of electricity for our customers.

The products and services of Alpiq are tailored to customers' individual requirements. In addition to customised energy deliveries, Alpiq also offers a raft of technical services related to energy, covering the entire spectrum from the generation of energy to its distribution and transmission, communication, provision and application. 

  • Alpiq generates electrical energy.
  • Alpiq delivers peak and base load energy to customers.
  • Alpiq trades on all major energy exchanges throughout Europe.
  • Alpiq sells energy and operates branches in many countries in Europe.
  • Alpiq Energy Services provides all technical services related to the generation, transmission and application of energy and places great importance on increasing energy efficiency.