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Working at Alpiq: The future is people-oriented

Would you like to work for a company where people matter? Then apply for a job at Alpiq. Because we realised long ago that we can only advance if we have committed and responsible employees.

Alpiq is a modern employer. We are active in a future-oriented sector and unite diverse spheres of activity under our corporate roof.

We can offer you exciting challenges during your day-to-day work, multifaceted and individualised development opportunities and modern working conditions. As an employer, we expect a great deal, but we also have a great deal to offer. Get to know us better here.

A mindful leadership philosophy

By this, we mean that our employees are co-entrepreneurs and we support the delegation of responsibilities at all levels of the company. The prerequisite for this is, on the one hand, our trust in the employees, and on the other, that every employee must have a strong sense of responsibility for his/her field of activity. And we love team spirit! Exchange of information and ideas across departments is crucial in order to accomplish demanding projects.

In a nutshell: Fostering a culture of trust and responsibility, and the enhancement of collaboration are the most important factors of our leadership culture.

Working at Alpiq – you determine the objective!