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Electricity Trading

Power trading is our core business

Alpiq Energy SE engages in bilateral over-the-counter (OTC) trading of standard and structured products with European trading partners as well as on the main European energy exchanges.

OTC markets

Alpiq Energy engages in bilateral trading in physical electricity on European OTC markets on a spot or forward (medium to long-term) basis.

Structured products

Due to major price fluctuations, European electricity markets involve high risk. With this in mind, we trade in a large variety of structured products to effectively hedge against risks. These products range from simple hedging products to complex structured insurance.

Energy exchanges

Alpiq Energy is an active player in European energy exchanges. In Central and Eastern Europe, we actively trade on the following exchanges: EEX, EXAA, PXE, POLPX, Borzen, OPCOM.

Power plant optimisation and management

As an active trader we engage in intraday trading on various platforms as well as OTC.  This helps us to optimise power plant usage and market free capacities.


Alpiq Energy SE

Jungmannova 26/15

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Czech Republic

T: +420 221 720 111

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